Are you renovating your kitchen? Have a built-in hood installed!

Are you renewing the look of your kitchen and want to take the opportunity to equip yourself with new appliances? Your renovations are the perfect opportunity to swap the hood of your stove for a built-in appliance! Here is an overview of the main Newmatic models offered.

Newmatic rectangular hood.

The fully built-in hood

Discreet and very efficient, this hood is installed in a custom-designed cabinet. Only the grid and the control buttons are visible when you look under the furniture. Its invisible aspect makes it a hood which is suitable for all styles of kitchens.

The drawer or telescopic hood

Completely hidden under the cupboards or only showing the thin strip of controls, the drawer hood turns on as soon as it is pulled. It is ideal for small kitchens or modern kitchens.

The retractable hood

Hidden in the cupboards and under a folding surface, the retractable hood is only visible when it is in operation. Its operation is very similar to that of the drawer hood.

showing Newmatic built in kitchen

The worktop hood

Built into the counter, in the kitchen island or directly on the cooking surface, this hood can be located at the back of the worktop or on the side, which gives free access to light coming from the ceiling. When not in use, it descends like an elevator in the furniture.

For a successful and safe installation of your range hood, trust an expert!

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